DS Domination Review

Hey and welcome to my DS Domination Review.

I want you to PAY ATTENTION to this page, because as you pay attention I’m going to show you how to earn an extra $1000, $3000 0r $5000/month+ with DS Domination.

jamiefishingprofilepicMy name is Jamie Hudson, and over the past 6 years I’ve been marketing online; building countless different businesses and companies across several niches.

In that time I’ve come across hundreds of MLMs, affiliate programs and other schemes promising the world, with most of them failing to deliver.

Maybe you’ve done the same, and it’s not your fault.

I’ve been there, and done that. Maybe you, like me a few years ago – are browsing around looking for the secret.

Looking for the answer, wondering if DS Domination is going to be it. Before you read the entire review, here are some real testimonials from fellow members:

DS Domination Review

With that being said, let’s get started with the DS Domination Review:

dsdominationIntroducing: DS Domination

Short for Drop Shipping Domination, DS Domination is a membership site that teaches you how to place products for sale on eBay…

…using Amazon, Walmart and other low cost ‘stores’ as your wholesale product vendors.

Sounds sexy doesn’t it? Ok, it doesn’t sound that sexy, but it works like nothing else.

Alternative Video Review (If you prefer listening to reading):


Inside the members area you learn how to find the best products that generate the most profit, how to write listings, price the products to guarantee profit and how to scale to 5+ figures a month.

And do all of this, without risking any of your own money up front.

You don’t even need to maintain an inventory, or ship products, it’s all done for you. You just copy & paste, sit back – and wait for the money to be deposited into your account.

Rinse & Repeat. Look…

Over the past 6 years, I’ve come across hundreds of programs and schemes, but in all that time I’ve never seen so many normal people getting results like this:

dsdtestimonialsmainHow It Works: Video Walk Through

Sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

Cool video aside, DS Domination was created by a guy named Roger who runs a 7 figure a year drop shipping business from his living room.

After years running his drop shipping business, Roger released a course teaching others his strategies. After hundreds of people started getting results with his teachings, he launched DS Domination.

To help thousands of people just like you to start earning a real, consistent income online.

How Drop Shipping Works


When I first came across DSD I gave it 15 seconds of my time. I assumed it was a typical ‘eBay & Amazon’ affiliate model, where you make poxy 5-8% commissions promoting eBay & Amazon products as an affiliate.

I thought ‘been there, done that’, because back in 2011 I had 50+ sites promoting Amazon and eBay products.

While it made $100+/day, it was a pain in the ass to maintain and every time Google released what’s called ‘an update’ the sites would lose traffic and I’d lose commissions.

I’d have to start over, again & again. Constantly re-building the network. So I ignored DSD. But the stories kept coming. People making $5000 their first month who’ve never made a dime online before.

Single mums making an extra $3000 in a few weeks part time, with no prior experience. People creating job-replacing incomes through the affiliate program. Leaders joining daily.

As more and more people told me about DSD, I made a decision to take a further look.

To my surprise the model was different; dropshipping. Placing listings and getting paid before you order anything. Not needing to build sites to drive traffic, because eBay gives you traffic…

Not needing to learn SEO, or build squeeze pages or do any tedious marketing tactics.

…and the commissions were BIGGER. By now you probably realize this is different, and perhaps you’re in the right place at the right time, ready to make a decision that changes it all.

Dropshipping is fundamentally easy. There are only a couple of steps:

Step 1: you list an item that has been proven to sell on eBay (DSD shows you exactly how to do this step by step, the whole way).

Step 2: Your item sells and the buyer sends the payment directly to your Paypal account (including shipping & handling fees).

Step 3: You use the Buyer’s money to order the product from websites like Amazon & Walmart for a much lower price and the company sends the item directly to the buyer with your information on it (there are MANY sources other than Amazon/Walmart).

Sounds easy, right?

When you join DS Domination, you get everything. All the training, resources and tools you need to start selling products immediately and quickly scale up.

Getting results like this in a matter of days:


Couple of fun facts about DS Domination:


Now here’s the cool thing. With DS Domination you can start making money the same day you join, without knowing a thing about marketing.

It allows you to build a full time income (part time) without recruiting or selling the system. If you want to earn money as an affiliate referring others to DSD, there’s a lucrative 10 level affiliate program…

…and when you join through the link below you get all the tools, squeeze pages and resources you need to start driving traffic and making sales as an affiliate (if you want to).

They even run offline events, and monthly contests giving away luxury cars, watches and other cool stuff. To reward you for taking action & getting results.

With DS Domination you don’t need to be an affiliate, because you can just make money selling products that people want to buy

…and the reality is not everyone is good at marketing or recruiting. But DSD makes it easy for ‘those people’.

Because unlike other ‘schemes’ or MLMs, DS Domination has something of value. Training that shows you how to build a real, tangible business, that works consistently for everyone who uses it. With zero risk of saturation.

The Affiliate Side

You’re on this page for one reason, to get more money.

Plain and simple, so I’m going to cut out all the usual B.S.

When you start making sales – you’re going to want to share this with others, and get paid for doing so.

Because people are going to thank you, because for maybe the first time in a long time you found something that worked, and were smart enough to make a decision to get started.

The affiliate program is simple. You earn 75% commissions by introducing others to DS Domination. The affiliate program pays 50% commissions on first level sales (the people you refer) and another 25% down ten levels.

Which means when your personal team start getting results, and they share it with others – you get paid down 10 levels on FIVE different products.


Affiliate Program Example

The above breakdown is of 1st level sales only, excluding all other 10 levels you get paid on.

I’m not going to give you every detail about how it works down the levels, or how you can start making commissions just hours after getting started…

….because the reality is you don’t need to know all of the details before you make a decision to get started. It’s an easy decision. Knowing why you’re doing this is more important than knowing every tiny detail.

As an affiliate you get to earn commissions on FIVE different products. Two memberships and 3 one time purchases.

All of the products are designed to help you grow your DS business as fast as possible, and earn bigger commissions when you refer others. It’s fast and easy to make sales with DS Domination for one reason: it works.

What You Get When You Join Today

By joining at the PRO level, you get instant access to 19 core training modules, giving you everything you need to start earning commissions by the end of today.

It costs only $19.95 to get started. At the PRO level you’ll learn how to run tiny eBay listings and earn a couple of dollars per sale with low cost, high profit and high volume Amazon products.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, earning hundreds per sale in net profit, you can upgrade to the more advanced Elite, Unleashed, Monopoly and Market Xtreme courses.

ds domination review


Fast Action Team Bonuses (Next 25 People)




Get Started Now, and Start Getting Results Like This…








jamiefishingprofilepic- Jamie Hudson

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments, testimonials and questions in the comments below – I’ll be sure to get back to them.

P.P.S. Make a decision, click the button above and secure all of the bonuses, right now.


PayPal placed embargo on my country, that means I cannot use PayPal for anything. So is there any other means of payments for items from PayPal/ebay? Just clarify this.

Also as a Pro member, how much of the backoffice tools is he entittled to access?


Hello, I heard you say, you have to purchase from amazon using PayPal, is that the only means of purchasing (fund processor)? PayPal placed embargo on a lot of countries including mine. so how can circumvent this? 

letticia bosman
letticia bosman

some one please help ?: I am from south Africa do not won a credit card or paypal account . only have a debit card I just want to start with pro level first then work my way up from there .

letticia bosman
letticia bosman

is this really safe ? I want to join but do not own a credit card or paypal account how do I join then


so the first course is 19.95/month?... what are the start up and monthly costs of the up sell levels?

James Henry
James Henry

Can you make your monthly payments through PayPal since i all ready have an account with them? I am not a fan of putting my card numbers online so thats why i would like to use PayPal.


so if i sell something on ebay and amazon ships it to them, wont the customer be confused ?

Hudders moderator

@SteveMeade  The PRO level (entry) is $19.95/month. For that you gain access to the basic training. You can get started at that level and begin drop shipping making very small $3-$5 or so mark ups on every listing. That's what the basic level teaches. You can start there and upgrade to elite ($99/month) from your profits, but it makes a lot more sense to get started at elite as the training teaches you how to make markups of $100+ an item. On top of elite, there is Market Xtreme $199 which is the affiliate product. Followed by the other 2 products which are further trainings/tools for drop shipping not just on eBay, but setting up your own Amazon products etc. The products are all listed in the diagram above with their respective prices. My advice: get started at elite if you want to make serious money drop shipping. If you want to blow up the affiliate side; get PRO, Elite, The Affiliate program + Market Xtreme. Hopefully this clarifies things for you and everyone else.

Hudders moderator

@James Henry  Hey James. They don't accept Paypal, but they have a safe and secure order form like all other online stores/services. It's just as safe, just get in and you won't be too worried about it when you start making commissions. :)

Hudders moderator

@rsaron  Nope, customers are just happy to receive their problem. Nobody ever has a problem with it.

Hudders moderator

@rsaron  But you need to use a specific strategy laid out in the training.